Casting for disabled actors

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Acting opportunities exist for disabled actors trying to build their entertainment careers. Organizations also protect disabled actors and ensure that they are treated fairly and equally in the entertainment industry.

In 2005, the Screen Actors Guild reported that one-third of the union’s disabled members could find film or television work. Though the SAG concluded that more acting opportunities could exist for disabled people, they admitted that conditions for disabled actors pursuing their entertainment careers are improving.

In 2008, the SAG launched a campaign to promote awareness of actors with disabilities. Organizations like Casting for Disabled Actors serve as advocates for disabled actors pursuing entertainment careers. The mission statement of Casting for Disabled Actors is “to provide equal and honest representation to disabled actors and actresses in the film and television industry.”

If you are a disabled actor pursuing acting opportunities and an entertainment career, don’t be discouraged! You can find work in the entertainment industry, and many people and organizations are looking out for you.

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