What is a talent agency?

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At a talent agency, agents help launch acting careers by finding jobs for actors and actresses. If you are interested in pursuing a career in entertainment, you will want to try to secure a first meeting with a talent agent and then prove to him or her that you are a worthy candidate.

Agents earn a living by claiming a percentage of the money their clients make. It is to an agent’s advantage to choose the best clients and get their clients work. Acting careers can be made or broken by agent contracts so make sure you trust your agent and his or her ability to get you work. A career in entertainment is definitely enhanced by a hard-working talent agent.

What agents are looking for is the newest, freshest talent, and they will ignore your lack of experience if you can really impress them. They find new talent interested in pursuing careers in entertainment by recruiting hopefuls. Some agencies accept portfolios while others only approach talent that has been referred to them. Rarely is new talent scouted on the street.

If you’re serious about your acting career, you should know the “big four”, four of the biggest entertainment talent agencies. These talent agencies employ hundreds of agents that work within various specialties and these people are serious about launching talented people into careers in the entertainment industry. The top talent agencies are Creative Artists Agency, International Creative Management, United Talent Agency, and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

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